How to Become an iPhone Repair Technician?

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Apple is one of the largest tech companies in the world. Apple certified training personals are always in demand and the developers, technicians, OS developers, Mac and iPhone repair service professionals, etc are considered as tech geeks. If you are a tech-savvy person, becoming an Apple certified technician is undoubtedly a worthwhile career opportunity. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how to become an Apple certified technician for iPhone repair.


You have to take an exam called ACiT (Apple Certified iOS Technician) and get the certification to get authorized from Apple to conduct iOS repair services on Apple’s behalf.


If You don’t want to become You can Contact them for Iphone repairs and Computer repairs

Applecare Technician Training Package

It’s a self-study course that covers all the aspects that are involved in iPhone repair service. The package comes with a bunch of Apple diagnostic tools and other references that help you in becoming an iOS technician. You’ll get the rights to use the course material for one year. The course is present on CDs, and instructor-led video classes cover all the relevant subject. As it is a self-study program, the trail goes at its own pace. It’s a well-crafted curriculum and anyone can able to understand it.

It includes general mobile phone terminology, iPhone troubleshooting, iPhone and iPad architectures, etc. You have to take the Applecare Technician Training Package for iOS to take Apple Service Examination to receive iPhone repair certification from Apple.

ACiT 2019

ACiT is the program to take if you want to become an iPhone or iPad repair technician. If you qualify in ACiT 2019, you are eligible to repair even the most recent iOS products like iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPad Pro 3rd generation 12.9 inch, iPad Pro 11-inch, etc.


Here are the topics covered in ACiT program


  • Explore different controls on iOS devices. Learn to use all the controls.
  • How to sync and backup various iOS devices
  • Learning the steps that are involved in setting up the device and activation. Know the potential issues that might arise during the process.
  • Battery related issues and practice the standard resolutions.
  • Learn to use different resources and diagnostic tools that help to assess the device and figure out the issue.
  • Different Apple-specific components like the motion compressor, Secure Element, Taptic Engine etc.
  • Apple Documentation and service strategies for various iOS devices.


Once you qualify in ACiT exam, you can apply for a position as iPhone repair technician through Apple store or an Apple Authorized Service Provider. You can find the store locations and Apple Authorized Service Provider locations on the Apple website. You’ll be authorized to do Apple product repair once you start working for the store.

Wrapping up…

Becoming an Apple certified iPhone repair technician is undoubtedly a great career option. The iOS repair technician salaries can range from $40,000-$45000 in the United States. You are also eligible for becoming an employee in Apple Genius Bar. The employees of Apple get high salaries and huge discounts on all the latest Apple products.

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