A Guide to Top 10 Ways to Generate Traffic Through Facebook

With the competition for market share hotting up, companies are looking to social media to help them gain an edge over their competitors. One such social media tool that is grabbing the attention of potential customers is Facebook.

To optimize returns from Facebook, you need to hire seo consultants. An SEO consultant will help your company in earning more web traffic and improve the rankings in the search engine results pages.

Facebook is an excellent medium for reaching out to more customers for both the B2C and the B2B models. The tools which Facebook offers and the capabilities that this social media platform offers are outstanding.

To create greater awareness regarding your products, promotion of your products, provide a platform for people to share ideas, or better customer support, you need the best software applications.

To create these applications, you need to hire Facebook API developer. These developers create these applications using the tools offered by Facebook. The appearance of the application is based on the Facebook Markup Language, which is used by the developers.

10 Ways of Traffic Generation Through Facebook

Here is how you can use Facebook to convert traffic to your website:

Facebook Page Optimization:

The first thing that patrons of social media see is your Facebook page. The more engaging your Facebook page, the better are your chances of getting your potential customers to visit your website by clicking on a link.

Optimization of your Facebook Page can be achieved by providing a short description in the About tab so that your customers know what’s required about your company. The information relevant to your company needs to be included in this tab. Remember to include your website’s URL.

Your profile and page cover photo should highlight your brand and engage the potential customer. To convert the potential customer, Facebook provides you with call-to-action or CTA buttons.

Examples of these CTA buttons include Book Now, Learn More, Shop Now, Sign Up, Watch Videos, and more. You can activate these buttons by clicking on ‘Add a button’ on your Facebook page.

When you have buttons like ‘Sign up,’ the chances of drawing traffic are higher.

Regularly Posting Updates

After you’ve created an engaging Facebook page, updates need to be posted. The audience can understand what you are trying to communicate when they read the post. You should allow the post to be shared on the reader’s timeline.

To understand at what frequency you should post updates on Facebook, you should check the ‘Insights’ on your Facebook page. This section shows you the actual days and times when during the day your potential customers visit your page. You need to pay attention to these statistics to ensure higher traffic to your website.

The popularity of Posts:

For the success of your Facebook Page, you need to check which posts draw the most clicks, comments, reactions, and shares. Facebook Insights and BuzzSumo will help you find out the post, which has higher popularity. You can analyze the post and improve on it.

Boost Your Post:

Facebook has a paid option called ‘Boost Post,’ which ensures that your visibility is even more significant to your potential customers. Although it is not a free option, you can market yourself more effectively to the right audience, considering factors like gender, location, age, and so on. All posts can be boosted with this feature.

Ad Power:

With the option for varied placements on your Facebook Page and advanced target marketing, the Facebook Ad should follow the Boost Post for greater effectiveness. There are specific objectives that Facebook Ads gives you the option of choosing like ‘Traffic.’

Combine With Email Marketing:

Use the power of email marketing with your Facebook Ad for more effective results. You will get better responses to your product or service if you provide Facebook ads along with promotional emails. This is known as email retargeting.

Get your API developer to provide software solutions using Facebook tools to show your Facebook ads to that category of email subscribers who have not made purchases, did not open a specific mail they received, opened the mail, but the link did not get clicked, and those subscribers who saw the mail and the link was clicked.

References or Social Proof

You will always find that people are influenced by the decisions of others. This is known as social proof, and these should go along with your Facebook ads.

Some examples of social proof for Facebook would be current user testimonials, case studies showing the success of your product, the number of users, and celebrity endorsements.

Pinning Best Posts:

Your Facebook post, which grabs the most attention in terms of comments, shares, and reactions, is your best post. You can determine this by visiting the ‘Insights’ section and clicking on the ‘Pin to Top of Page’ option. Pinning the post to the top part of your page will generate higher traffic.

Promotions and Contests:

Contests and promotions are a great strategy to drive traffic to your website. Whenever you post a contest on Facebook, your target audience should be able to share the contest too. Facebook should be an option for sharing your contest.

When the user shares your contest using Facebook, they should be directed to comment on your blog as well.

Sharing Exclusive Photos

When you share your story and photos of one of your trips, the audience can connect to you better. This helps you create a personal bond with the audience, and website traffic is likely to be driven by it. People are driven by curiosity, and your audience will feel exclusive as they can see photos of your personal experiences.

Use The Strategy That Works Best For You

To achieve your business goals, you could either use a single strategy or a combination of approaches depending on your target audience.

You need to track the changing tastes and preferences of your audience, and the tools that Facebook provides help you to do just that. Since the quality of your Facebook page depends on the right SEO consultants and Facebook API developers, ensure that you hire the best.

The more flexible and personal you are, the better are your chances of converting potential customers with Facebook. SEO consultants understand your business better, and they will ensure better visitor experience, resolve technical issues, and optimize the web page with H-Tags, higher Google ranking, and more. They also have excellent copyrighting skills and increase your website readability.

If you can identify the target audience for your products and services, then SEO consultant and API developers will ensure that higher traffic is driven to your website through your Facebook Page.