7 Tips To Increase Takeaway Orders

Adapted to the effects of the current situation and with all the new protocols, it is a matter of course for every restaurateur to check how he can keep his sales in online ordering systems and be one step ahead of the competition.

It has been observed that one service is becoming increasingly popular – Takeout orders. This is one of the most useful types of service if you want to comfort your market while tackling the limitations of the restaurant industry.

7 tips for increasing takeaway orders

To keep up to date, here are some tips on how to increase your take-away orders in your online delivery systems or in your take-away mobile app:

1st special of the day

Having a pickup special of the day allows you to offer reasonable discounts. This is because these types of meals are typically prepared in large quantities. This results in lower labor and usage costs, but increases efficiency. People tend to order these types of meals in bulk as they are also advertised in large quantities. Just make sure you have developed a takeaway ordering strategy that matches your capacity and ability to serve such a market.

To maximize this tip, keep the following in mind:

  • Select the correct day of the week to perform this action. It could be Monday evening or Thursday lunchtime. Check the ability of your restaurant and internal staff to achieve the goal without overwhelming your resources.
  • Advertise to different types of audience. You can have a dinner pickup special that usually appeals to families and one for lunch that gives you access to the business / work crowd.
  • Give them options for pricing. A restaurant is fast business. Offering a pre-grouped menu (good for 2, for 4, or for 6) is one way to narrow down your customers’ options so that they can complete sales faster, but more convenient for them.
  • Be simple but funny with your title. Your service shouldn’t look special, but also sound special.

2. Online

We are now in a digital era and customers are looking for companies that could make their lives easier. Making your service available online creates the impression that you can provide them with convenience. If you have a website make sure it’s cell phone friendly, or if you want to focus on being online, you can create your own application.

It is effective to allow them to schedule their pickup to meet their best available time. Also, let them customize some group meals to their liking. When you make them feel in control of their food, satisfaction with your service increases.

3. Advertising

Now that you’ve got your concept for your new promo and made it available online as well, now is the time to let the world know. Use social media to promote your restaurant and its services. This is the easiest, fastest, and cheapest way that will not only help you promote your new service, but also customer loyalty. Post your daily specials, take advantage of user generated content and GeoTag, and get community approval and talk about your post.

Publication consistency gives your restaurant a strong presence in the market. You also need to make sure that you are not posting photos through your services, but are also engaging your staff. Social media is also a way to humanize your business. Use a consistent tone and make sure it fits the brand of your restaurant.

Make the most of Google My Business. GMB displays reviews for your restaurant. It can also display your restaurant when someone searches for “takeaways”. So fill in all the attributes and make it easy for customers to find you.

The last thing to consider is coming up with a recurring special. A weekly pickup special that could build an audience that will shop with you again every week.

4. CRM and email tool

Using a CRM and email tool can help your restaurant get the support it needs. Email is still one of the most effective ways to get your message on to someone. Have a tool that can consistently email your promotions to large audiences and get your customers to take action via email. You can also advertise events or anything that’s going on in your restaurant. Make sure you subscribe to this feature.


  • Schedule the emails to be sent early in the morning. Their promos would be part of their morning routine as people thoroughly check their emails first thing in the morning.
  • Be precise. Not everyone has time to read long emails. So if you want to make sure people read your ads, make them direct and exciting.
  • Activate subject line. A boring subject line leaves you unread. You can use emojis to get your email noticed.

5. SMS notifications

The main benefit of subscribing to SMS notifications is that your message is delivered in real time. You might have an idea going to your restaurant when they saw your email earlier this morning then they were busy right before lunch. Chances are, they won’t remember going to your restaurant. Keep that in mind by sending an SMS notification in time for lunch or dinner. You may also want to check out push notifications.

6. Free gift cards

Nothing is more tempting in this world than the thought of something free. This may seem like an advanced step, but if you want to see a surge in customers and an onslaught of excitement and engagement, consider this tip.

When you give a $ 5 free gift card, customers will be satisfied. Make it easy to use, transferable and exclusive to your take away orders. There won’t be time to see good business flow with your takeaway service.

You can also try working with companies to come up with a good deal. If they pass the offer on to their own audience it will be of great help for you in attracting potential customers.

7. Right tools and talent

Now, if you want to get all of these tips, you have tons of options to choose from. Make sure you are using the right ones and have the right people to manage them. With the right tool, website, email, and SMS marketing becomes like a walk in the park. Hire and train your staff well so they can properly manage your campaigns.

Takeaway orders are definitely on demand and another way to ensure customer satisfaction is to use the best packaging there is. The packaging is an extension of your brand. Since these are take-away orders, there is a great chance your product will be displayed outdoors. It has to be eye-catching enough for people to notice and thus attract potential customers. Let your packaging do some extra work for you, and include your contact information, menu, and flyer (if any) for reference.