6 Hacks To Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates

If you’ve set up an ecommerce store, you may have selected the best items and created a good website design. And now you may be trying to increase your sales. Setting up an ecommerce store is only the first step in building an online business. You should have smart strategies to increase sales.

Below are the six hacks that can help increase conversion rate and sales.

Invest in the traffic that converts

When optimizing your shop on conversion rate, focus on conversion traffic. Find your top conversion sources or websites that are generating maximum revenue for your online store. For this purpose, you can use plugins to expand your ecommerce store, get insights and view reports.

You can see which websites are sending you the most customers. That way, you’ll know how to attract more visitors to your ecommerce store. It also provides you with great opportunities for guest posting, advertising partnerships, or promotion.

Convert visitors into customers

Multiple visitors may be interested in your products and services, but their decision is unclear. If you want to convert these visitors into customers, you can offer them a discount as an incentive and thus give them an extra boost.

You can also provide them with an exclusive discount code just for visitors who keep coming back to your website or for those who have viewed many products and pages in your ecommerce store.

Use website countdown timers

Another easy and quick way to double your conversion rate is to display a countdown timer for the website. They play a great role in creating urgency with prospects and increasing the business’s conversion rate.

Use website countdown timers

You can use this countdown timer concept in several cases such as: B. Limited Editions, Seasonal Campaigns, Flash Sales, Product Launches, Festivals, Holidays, etc. Use time-related elements such as

  • Limited time
  • Camp about to run out
  • Hurry up!
  • Don’t miss the deal
  • Buy now
  • Just for today etc.

Using such powerful words together with countdown timers will grab people’s attention and encourage them to buy products from your store. For example, Amazon and other similar websites use countdown timers so that users can find the best deals every time they visit the website.

Use SEO plugins

Use SEO plugins or optimize your online shop for search engines to increase your organic traffic. It is even more important if you can rank the first page of the search engine on a keyword. SEO takes a lot of effort; however, it is not that difficult. These days, you can find several plugins online to make the process easier.

Some of these plugins are free to use while others are paid. You can find the plugin that fits your budget and gives you great ROI when you use the best potential.

Showcase your best-selling items

Your best selling products can be found on the landing page of your ecommerce store. Since this is the first thing visitors see, it should leave a lasting impression on their minds. By presenting the best-selling items, you not only make a good impression, but also provide a starting point for visitors to shop for.

Adoric countdown timer

Use the Spin-The-Wheel popup

Another simple but effective hack to increasing your conversion rate is adding a popup to spin your ecommerce store. When a user spins a wheel and wins a prize, their brain rewards them with a shot of dopamine, which makes them feel great.

You can offer your customers prices like free shipping, discounts, or other offers that they will love. Just ask them to enter their email address, spin the wheel and win!

Implement these handful of hacks into your ecommerce marketing strategy and double your conversion rate as well as your sales.

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