5 Proven Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos

YouTube offers incredible opportunities for creative minds to explore their talent and skills in video making. But achieving a remarkable audience and viewers for your videos is not an easy task. Let’s take a look at the five proven ways to promote your YouTube videos.

Enhance your YouTube SEO

The ever-changing practice of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your content will rank highly in SERPs. Like Google Search, YouTube has a search algorithm that automatically ranks videos. YouTube SEO is relatively easy and less time-consuming, and you can achieve this by directly applying specific strategies. The ranking factors comprise titles, metadata and description, tags, call to action, and optimization of the video and channel. The most significant promotion you can offer for your YouTube videos is SEO for your content and channel. Take a look at how to apply the strategies for effective SEO:

  • Pick Google-friendly Keywords

Great SEO begins with a thorough understanding of the users’ needs. YouTube hasn’t gone past Google in terms of video search and is the second most popular search engine. Therefore, it is vital to choose the keywords smartly to get more exposure in the online search engines.

  • Use brief descriptive titles and descriptions.

The first thing a user sees when they find your video content on the platform is the title, and it needs to be a punchy and highlighting one. Keep it short and concise within 60 characters and include your keyword(s) in the title. Make sure the description is up to the point and sweet with 150 words. Write the necessary information at the beginning of the description as if it is lengthy, the valuable information may get cut out when displayed. Most users pay attention to the beginning of the line and skip the rest. A catchy title and relevant description can grab the attention of the audience.

  • Customize the thumbnails

Thumbnails need to stand out as it can make or break your video. YouTube provides automatic thumbnails for every video, but they can be out of focus. If you want to boost the views and reactions, create customized eye-catchy and much more clickable thumbnails for the videos you post.

  • Optimize the channel

Think about your audience before creating videos. Organize videos in a way that attracts the target audience and make them look for you on the platform. Create related videos and post consistently to engage the users, and this magnifies the views and traffic for both your videos and channel.

Advertise your Videos on Social Media platforms

Even the most beautiful, well-created videos are nothing without views. To enhance the views, you can cross-promote your videos on various other platforms, giving them more publicity. More than 90% of the online community is active on social media platforms and continuously monitors their feeds. Advertise smartly on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. with attractive and catchy titles and descriptions. With the help of a video ad maker, you can create an exciting promo video for your channels and circulate on social media pages. Even if the user is not familiar with your channel, the videos on social media can take him/her to your YouTube channel. Social media promotion of your videos is a long-term, cost-effective strategy that helps you increase the traffic and viewers of the videos.

Interact with your YouTube Community

Real interaction does not end with content creation and uploading. If you want to become a successful YouTuber, don’t be shy to engage with your users; monitor and interact with them regularly. Speak directly to the community and ask them to support you in your endeavors and subscribe to your channel. Fans always like an open conversation with the creators. Turn on the comment boxes so that the users can share their opinions about your videos. They love replies from your side. If you are receiving bad comments, you can either delete or block the user. Entertain them video descriptions, contests, etc. another way to increase your community’s strength is by organizing Q&A sessions. Ask your subscribers to send their questions and ideas via comments, tweets, or emails and create a video addressing them. It enhances the relationship between the customers and also encourages them to like and subscribe to your channel.

Collaborate with Brands and Influencers

Brand partnerships and leveraging influencers is a relatively new way to broaden your audience and reach. Choose a brand that reflects your ideology and personality and promote them in your videos using a promo video maker.

It renders authenticity to your channel and you as a creator. Also, if you are stuck for ideas, the brand can help you develop new content, which increases the popularity of both the brand and your channel. This collaboration is relevant, useful, and fun.

Influencers are people who have specialized knowledge and acquaintance with a target audience and have insight into a specific subject. The presence of an influencer in your YouTube channel increases trust, followers, and admirers. The perfect influencer for your brand can bring a desirable section of the audience and offers instant attention. You can collaborate with someone who adheres to the niche. If they share your content on their social media platforms, it will enhance your videos’ popularity and redirect more viewers to your channel.

Ask Help from Your Subscribers

There is no doubt that the YouTube audience is the most important call to action component for your videos. Good interaction and engagement with the audience can help you develop a strong and lasting relationship with them, and you can even request them to find more viewers for your content. They are the real strength of your channel. Make them promote and recommend your videos to their friends and family. By this, you can create a fanbase or an army for your videos.

YouTube is always looking for an audience. In this article, you have come across 5 powerful ways to promote your videos and enhance viewers. Apply this in your strategies and see the results all by yourself.