5 editable infographic templates for your business

Building a successful business is not an easy task.

Much investment is being made to create this one successful product that could stand the test of time.

But ultimately, you can’t go wrong with your marketing if you need the opportunity to tell your brand story in order to go viral with your audience.

But the big question is how?

Enter infographics.

The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. No wonder that a picture can convey so much in such a short time.

However, understanding the best visual representation design can still be a mountain climb in itself.

The mere availability of alternatives in the marketplace can overwhelm you.

But you have help on hand.

We have put together the following infographic templates to give your business the boost it needs to achieve its ambitious goals.

Top 5 Infographic Templates That Could Be The Holy Grail For Your Business

Have you ever wondered why children’s books are filled with pictures? This is because these images improve understanding and the same reasoning applies to infographics.

Infographics induce the element of storytelling to improve the digestibility and credibility of your story and to appeal to your audience’s tastes.

Developing infographics to convey your brand message is all about enabling clearer and faster communication with your audience.

If you can optimize your visual data representations for accessibility, desirability, and functionality, you are halfway through.

However, it is still rare to review all of these metrics at the same time.

To save your valuable time, here are the following free editable infographic templates for your business to use with this 2021.


If you are looking for beginner web-based assistance to help you design infographics, Piktochart is your best bet.

With more than 6 million existing users worldwide, this infographic tool offers all new users 35 free editable infographic templates.

But that’s not all. The tool is very user-friendly and has a low learning curve. This makes it ideal for beginners in data visualization.

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and you can create professional-looking graphics in no time.

Piktochart allows you to create several forms of infographics. Based on maps, graphics, diagrams and flow charts, there are numerous templates to choose from.

It expands its services to include downloadable icons, text, and background styles.

If you are an experimental marketer and are trying to embed videos in the infographics, Piktochart is there for you too.

Here, too, your social media engagement is in a nutshell.

From creating posters, presentations, reports, flyers to infographics, this tool has all your needs.

You can also preview your work for any changes that it needs before downloading it.

This means problem-free post-creation editing and greater productivity.


  • Easy download of created infographics
  • Over 200 editable templates available
  • User-intuitive user interface
  • Perfect for beginners and amateurs
  • Multiple editing functions


  • Free account users will have to pay to remove watermarks
  • Certain templates could only be used by paid users


This tool library with unique designs and layouts put Visme in second place on our list.

The program offers a variety of easy-to-edit templates and has a drag-and-drop mechanism that allows you to place various icons where you want and make your workflow run smoothly.

When it comes to reliability, this tool tops them all.

Over 3 million prominent companies rely on Visme to create stunning infographics.

It also has animation functions. You can seamlessly synchronize your graphic work with audio / video. The pre-made templates are editable, and you can use inexhaustible fonts, icons, and background styles to give the infographic the edge you want.

The tool offers a special data protection function with which you can protect all your work with a password. In addition, working in teams is a breeze with this tool.

With its robust collaboration features, you can efficiently track overall progress.


  • Visme offers a wide range of templates to suit your specific needs
  • Templates can be easily edited and customized within minutes
  • The created infographic can be downloaded in various formats including PNG, JPEG, PDF and HTML5
  • You can add animation to developed infographics
  • A user can use this tool for free


  • The online website can get a little tricky for new users
  • You need to opt for a paid membership to access the PDF download feature

3. Revv


Unlike the other programs on this list, Revv offers a complete solution for all business documentation needs. You can now easily and easily work with your teammates on a single document online.

The best part? It is used by over 5000 reputable companies. This means you can get to work without worrying about security and credibility.

Revv was specially developed to solve communication problems within a company. The infographic templates available on the website range from contracts to agreements, letters, and proposals. With the writing and editing tools offered, you can easily edit these templates and give them the form you want.

Not to mention, you can also use this program to strengthen your presentation skills. Gone are the days when you had to spend hours creating long slides to communicate your ideas to colleagues. Revv allows you to create well-articulated infographics and highlight the vital data in minutes, which instantly attracts viewers’ attention and makes it easy to interpret.

This website has unique templates for offers that make your customer-centric approach more professional and targeted.


  • Registration is free of charge
  • Numerous templates for every type of need
  • Enables intelligent management and organization of documents
  • Could be used as a digital workspace by large companies
  • Sharing a document is made much easier


  • If you are looking for a simple, easy to use and straightforward solution, this platform is a little tricky to navigate.
  • Video tutorials are not made available to new users

4th easel

As the name suggests, Easel.ly is just the software with which you can “simply” do your graphic work. The company has a large pool of templates, designs, and editing tools to help you get exactly the infographics you wanted.

What sets Easel.ly apart from other infographic makers is its simplicity. There is an option to add your graphics to work online on the website or in the app, which will reinforce and make the personality quotient of your infographic more unique.

Although the site is widely used by businesses that need engaging infographics to grab the viewer’s attention, the other faction of users is made up of teachers, teachers, educators, and students. They use flowcharts and other virtual tools to make teaching / learning interesting.

Easel.ly is an online website and app for desktops and iOS that can be used to reach all types of customers, whether individuals, small businesses, or large businesses. As a new user, you can take a look at the various tutorials made available on the website to understand the proper use of tools and the nooks and crannies of designing infographics.


  • Registration possible free of charge
  • The editor is extremely easy to use and allows you to change the original design of a template with tons of tools
  • The paid version is budget friendly
  • No watermarks on the created infographics even when using the free version
  • Great customer service


  • A strong security and data protection function is missing
  • The website’s user interface is not friendly enough for newbies.

5. Canva


The 5-step infographic maker is packed with advanced features. Don’t you have any experience There is nothing to worry about! Canva helps you create never-seen infographics that will put even professionals to shame.

Like most of the recommended tools on this list, this one enables a full team to work together on the same project. With a smooth drag and drop feature, you can complete hours of infographics design in minutes.

The infographic templates offered are divided into different sections for the convenience of users. You can choose any template and modify it according to your needs with the help of effective and easy-to-use tools.

Whether you need to change the font or all of the text, add color or play with backgrounds, Canva has tons of options for all of these cravings that will never disappoint.


  • Very user-friendly interface
  • Allows you to use charts, graphs, images, and symbols when designing an infographic
  • Free and widely available
  • Templates and layouts for all types of infographics are available on the website
  • Use of the toolbar editor is not limited to free account users


  • You can’t add animation to your infographic
  • More updated features are missing

Farewell advice

The market is filled with numerous infographic solution tools that promise to meet any goal you achieve with your ideal tool. But your best companion can only be decided by you. Indeed, your company must rule that decision.

Ultimately, how well you communicate with your audience is really important. The longer you can stay on their minds, the more sustainable your business will be in the long run.

Infographics are surely the best way to do this in 2021.

Remember, your customers aren’t buying the “what”. Are you buying the “why”?

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