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Who called it emulators and not imitators? Emulators are a holy grail for people who believe strongly in workarounds and want the best of some apps on a platform that doesn’t support them. For example, PUBG isn’t a free game for PCs, but the upcoming Battlegrounds Mobile India will always be free with some in-app purchases.

If you played the game on your phone (you know … before it was banned), you didn’t have to buy a separate game for your PC. However, now that PUBG is officially launching again in India – renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India – many of you are longing to flock to the internet downloading emulators to save a few bucks.

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the right place! A quick google trawl revealed the 5 best emulators for BGMI to play BGMI on PC. What’s more, all of the emulators mentioned below are free, so you don’t have to worry about spending a single penny. So let’s get started, yeah?

5 best emulators for BGMI to play BGMI on PC

Below are the best emulators that will allow you to not only play BGMI on your PC but other games as well.

1. NOX player

When I asked my friends which emulator they were using, they (practically) came up with a name – NOX Player. Yes, it set a standard for what an ideal emulator should look like. NOX Player is available for both Windows and Mac and is aimed at gamers who want to experience the thrill of mobile games on their PC.

It is packed with different features, but some of them will stand out! For example, users can manually set keyboard controls and edit the options again if necessary. In addition, the emulator is constantly being optimized for playing PUBG Mobile, now known as Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Users can also record their gameplay or take screenshots of winning moments; Content creator, are you reading this? Another notable feature is the ability to run multiple apps at the same time. The best feature in my opinion is the CPU and RAM allocation. It supports screenshot and video recording options. PUBG Mobile fans are confirming the truth about the two paragraphs I entered, so download NOX Player and enjoy the restarted game on your PC.

Download link

2. BlueStacks

Personally, I’ve always preferred it for its interface and how it works. In addition, BlueStacks has built a trusted reputation as one of the oldest emulators, an emulator that people rely on for their gaming needs and use Android apps on their PC.

The app has never been flawless; there were some of the other flaws. But the developers keep their ears open, because the regular patches and software fixes show the passion. If you want to play the BGMI game on your PC, BlueStacks is one of the best emulators out there. It comes with DirectX, which can run any high-end Android games (or even apps) with no problem.

Installation and use are pretty easy. So, if you’ve never used an emulator before and choose to go for it, you won’t regret the choice. Make sure to install the latest version from the official link as some other websites may not offer the latest version available. Download BlueStacks from the link below and jump off this fictional plane!

Download link

3. MEmu player

Aside from its strange name, MEmu Player is a renowned emulator that has the same respect that Minerva McGonagall had at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I know different areas, but I love Harry Potter references. The thing about MEmu is that people who own a PC with lower hardware and can’t actually play the official PUBG PC game in order for BGMI to be able to play.

How low Well, a 4GB laptop qualifies as a PC with a lower hardware specification. Many of us are not hardcore gamers, but a 30-45 minute session can be managed with this emulator. In addition, MEmu can use the host PC’s dedicated graphics card to enhance the graphics for comfortable gameplay. Mapping and key assignments are some of the basic functions that you can use. So click the download link when you are convinced.

Download link

4. LD player

I’ve never heard of LD Player this year. A gamer friend was playing COD on his PC through an emulator which I assumed was either BlueStacks or NOX Player. I was surprised when she said ‘LD Player’. So I did research on it and got down to its features, basic functionality, etc.

When I was assigned this topic I was sure to mention it on this list. Do not think that number 4 indicates lower quality; The emulator is in the development phase. Available for Windows only, users can set custom screen resolution settings and assign PC resources like Bluestacks does.

If you hate a cluttered user interface, you’ll be amazed to see easy-to-access Android shortcuts that every emulator should mimic! As for the other features, it’s a typical emulator that allows you to run most modern Android games and apps on your PC. Download LD Player from the link below.

Download link

5. Andy

Andy is a well-known emulator made famous by PUBG fans. Thousands have downloaded this emulator to experience the battlefield on their PC. It syncs your Google Play account over the cloud so you don’t have to worry about downgrading a few levels anymore. If you want to tweak the settings, Andy can help you bring the experience of your Android device into your PC.

As I said before, it syncs data but not game data. The emulator keeps all devices connected and you don’t have to worry about the game’s progress. Its many features include connecting Windows and Mac to Android apps that support storage access and push notifications, downloading apps from the desktop browser directly to Andy OS, and running most popular Android games and apps on both Platforms. Oh yes, it has joystick support too.

Download link

frequently asked Questions

What are emulators?

Emulators are virtual programs that emulate the software experience of Android devices with the help of software and hardware on your computer. In simple terms, it is a program that runs the Android operating system apps on your computer’s operating system. If I had to explain it to geeks, emulators would mimic the architecture of the guest device (in this case Android) on a PC’s operating system.

Which emulator for pc is the safest?

All of the emulators mentioned in this article are safe to use on your PC.

Are emulators illegal?

No, emulators are completely legal. You won’t get behind bars simulating your Android screen on a Windows PC. What is illegal is sharing copyrighted ROMs online.

Are Emulators Bad for Your Phone?

That’s a stupid myth. I used a couple of emulators on my Android device and it worked the way it did before the emulators were downloaded. But they are not flawless! Emulators are devils at draining batteries and heating up your phones.

Is PUBG Really Back in India?

Yes, the PUBG game is back in India and has been renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton games apparently have no connection to China, which is why they received a green signal for the game to be released.


PUBG or BGMI is about skillfully shooting at players with the mouse and keyboard and entering the area. If you like BGMI, need a keyboard, mouse, and skill for the game, then you’ll be happy!

You save the money you would otherwise buy for a copy for your PC that you can invest in a decent controller if that’s what you want. Download one of the above emulators and get familiar with the famous battlefields.

In addition, you are not limited to only BGMI as all the games supported on your Android phones can be played on the emulators!

Which emulator did you choose? Have you tried the BGMI game yet? If so, what did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

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