21 Best Tasker Profiles for Android Task Automation

Hi There, this is Trickypedia once again and welcome my blog. In todays blog, we will see, Best Tasker Profiles for Android .

Most of you, may already know about tasker. But to make sure everybody’s on the same page.
This is what you need to know.

What is tasker app ?

By definition, Tasker is an automation app.
You can use it to trigger actions based on certain events. But if you ask me, then tasker can do much
more than that. For instance: You can even make an fully functional
android app with tasker. Its available on Google play for approximately
$3. But you can also get the 7 days trial version, from its official website.

Before we start, here are few things to keep
in mind.

Watch this video in your free time.

How to use tasker application ?

1.This tutorial is long and you will learn a lot about Tasker app Profiles for Android . So make sure are in a right state to process all this information.

2. This video is for both, beginners and intermediate tasker’s user. However it will be better if you familiar with its interface.

3. All download links, video’s timestamps and future resources are available in the video description.

4. Finally for best experience- Watch this video on HD and turn ON subtitles.

And that being said, lets get started.

Steps to set profiles in Tasker

You can easily download the tasker app from android app store : Download Tasker App from Playstore

Profile no 1. Say Whatsapp Notification

Lets say you are driving or busy doing something and then you received a WhatsApp message.

In most cases, you will either ignore the message or stop your work to read it.

Right ? But with tasker can do this.. Cool, Isn’t it ? Now see how to do that ?

Open your tasker app and under profile, choose a trigger for your task.

goto event > search for notification > and select any app you want.

For this instance, our trigger is WhatsApp notification. But you can also choose Google

voice, hangout or even Facebook if you want. Once done > go back to save changes.

And now you need to specify, what task you would like to perform when you get WhatsApp notification,

So create a new task, and give it any name you want. Here I will name it , ‘speak WhatsApp messages’.

Once you done, tap on the check mark and you will be redirected to ‘task’ tab. Now we are ready, to add our first actions.

Since we want to speak our WhatsApp notification > search for ‘say command’.

Under the text field -> select inbuilt variable called ‘ntitle’ short for notification title.

For now you can leave rest of things as default, and go back, to save changes.

Now lets test it. And as you can see it’s working fine. But
you can make it even better. For instance, I only want to hear notification,
when display is off. So I will add this as, another trigger.

Now only when both condition are true, it will launch the task.

Second thing that I like to do, instead of speaking the senders name,

I like to hear its morse code. In this way it’s more fun and also avoid eavesdropping.

So head over to your task, and use ‘variable spit’ to extract the sender’s name.

Under name select, %ntitle and For the splitter action use ‘space’

Keep the rest as default and go back to save changes.

Now we know, by default, whatsapp say the words ‘Message from sender’s name’

This means, our sender’s name will get store in the variable ntitle3,

To convert this into its equivalent morse code. Search for ‘morse’ and select the variable ntitle3.

Now when we will get WhatsApp message, it will look something like this.

Profile 2. Change wallpaper Automatically So Lately, I am using this wallpaper app,
by Garav mantri. It has some great collection of minimal wallpaper.

However! every time I want to change the wallpaper, I have to do it manually. But with tasker you can automate this as well.

So let see how this is done. Start by collecting, all images under the same folder.

For this instance, I will extract images from the apk, but you can choose any images you want.

Next, use the batch rename option of ES file Explorer, to make sure, names are in sequence and have same file extension.

Once you are done, copy the file location. And head over to tasker app.

For this profile, we will use ‘time’ as a trigger.

So set the time you like, and then choose, how often would you like to, repeat this.

Let say every 2 hours. Now go back and save changes. You can also Add, another context of ‘display off’ like we did in the previous profile.

But for now I will leave it like this and create a new task for it.

Lets name it ‘change wallpaper’. For this task.

Our First action is to generate a random no. For that, will use ‘Variable randomize’

Give any name to your variable but make sure it’s start with capital letter or you wan’t

be able to access it, outside this task.

Start value is ‘1’ , while end is equal no. of images you have.

Second action is to add wallpaper. So tap on the plus sign and search for ‘set wallpaper’.

Here enter the path of the folder, followed by the filename and random variable.

now again, go back to save changes

And that’s it, you will see ‘new wallpaper’ every now and then.

Profile 3. Everyone loves privacy. However it’s hard to find these days.

So let say your friend ask for your phone, saying that he want to check something on

the internet.

And as soon as turn away, he started exploring your whatsapp message or check out call history.

But with this tasker profile –

Whenever, they open your personal app, it will automatically closed with an alert message.

This way, you can kill two bird with single shot.

First they won’t see your personal stuff And second you will get to know their real


So how do we do it ?

Well like always, head over to your tasker and create a new trigger.

Choose apps that you want to block. And go back and save changes.

Now create a new task for this profile, lets called it, Private mode.

Add the first action to – ‘go home’. This will bring up the home screen, whenever the

restricted app is open.

Next add a notification sound.

And finally, you can flash text like ‘unexpected error’ or something

However If you have plan to use this profile quite a lot, then make sure the suspect don’t

know you use tasker.

Or else he can simply ‘force quit tasker’ and use the restricted app.

If your phone is rooted, you can even hide your notification and default keyboard. There

is an awesome video about it, by Tech Muggles.
Check that out.

Profile 4. Pomodoro Timer

The night before making this video, I was reading ‘Eat that frog by brian tracy’

And it gave me the idea of ‘pomodoro mode’ with tasker.

Pomodoro timer are popular and you may already know about it.

But for those who don’t:

Basically it’s a technique, to increase your productivity and get your work done is

less time.

And this is how it works. You set an alarm for 25 min. During this 25

mins you focus on your work, no facebook, reddit or whatsapp. After the 25 min is over,

you take a 5 min break and then come back and repeat this 25 min cycle.

So let’s see this in action.

When I am in the office, I tap my device over this NFC tag. It start the 25 min timer, cuts

of all notification, After 25 min, it say
‘take 5 min break’.

For this project, you will need,

NFC enable smartphone

some NFC tags, (if you don’t have one, then look online. They are quite cheap, if you

are new to this then check out my playlist on NFC )

And you will also need other apps like Auto notification, Trigger and tasker , all available

on Google play.

So let’s see how this is done.

Download and install Auto Notification from play store and add create a new profile with

notification you want to disable.

Now like always, Open tasker and create a new task. Let called it ‘Pomodoro mode’.

To save some, I will import my existing task and explain it to your step by step.

First and second action, will display notification and speak out,

“Pomodoro mode active, Work now’

Third action will turn off all notification. For this we will use the ‘no notification’

profile that we have just created.

In forth action, we will start the actual timer and wait for 25 mins.

After we have work for 25 min, we deserve a break, so 6th and 7th action will popup

a message ‘Take 5 min break’

And after waiting for 5 mins.

Next action will say, tap your phone to NFC to activate pomodoro

ANd finally revert the changes, by turning on, our notification service.

That’s it. Now to write this task to your
NFC tags.

You can use tasker plugin called NFC locale. But since it’s paid, I suggest use the its

free alternative

Install trigger from Google play and open

create a new task > add nfc as trigger.

You can even customize it more, but for now, we don’t need to.

Once you see option to add ‘tasker’. click on the small magnifying glass to add the pomodoro


Save changes. And that’s it.

Now you can do more work in less time.

Profile 5. And finally the last one is not particularly
useful but it’s funny.

If you have nosy sibling, fiddling with your phone, when you are not around. Then this

profile will help you to discourage them.

So let see this in action.

When there are multiple, unsuccessful login attempts, your device will take a discrete

picture, then set it up as wallpaper and will also give a warning.

Now lets see how to do it.

You will need a tasker plugin called secure settings.

Although this plugin require root access, for most of this task but.

For this one, you don’t have to be rooted.

Once you have install the plugin. Make sure, it has access to your screen lock.

Now open tasker, In the profile tab, select the trigger as ‘secure settings’.

Configure it by selecting Failed Login Attempts and set the value more than 4.

Save changes and go back.

Next create a new task, lets called it ‘take picture, set wallpaper’.

Add first action, to take picture. In the setting, select front cam,

Give it a name, let say ‘pic’.

Make sure to check mark, insert in gallery and discreet options. Go back to save changes.

Next set the photo as wallpaper. By default tasker save the picture, in DCIM folder.

Use the say command to make it speak somthing

Add give a alert message if you want.

And you are all set.

You can even use this profile to catch thief.

By syncing your photo to google+ and sending you a text with gps location.

But for now we will leave it here only.

Well this is all for now, there are few more
profiles that I was not able to include in this blog, instead I will post them on my blog.

Here is another list of 21 best profiles for tasker :

21 BEST Profiles for Android tasker app. Best automation profiles for tasker

her with wi-fi past night? Or, the manner in which you plugged into your mobile’s charger, but did not keep coming back all day to learn how much charging has been done, which resulted in overheating of this gadget? These are just two of the many instances that have happened for the best folks. However, exactly what exactly are we actually doing never to replicate these ridiculous mistakes? Nothing! Sad, just how exactly we, despite being a smartphone creation, are to smarten the manners we utilize modern gadgets.

Smartphones are, therefore, much at a palm-friendly measurement. It’s pretty amazing just how far that they are able to perform automatically with assistance from either inbuilt works or the right programs. Here, we are going to be sticking around the letter and then talk.

Tasker, also a paid program, functions as an entrance point for Android automation. You may just establish a streak of actions to trigger tasks in your smartphone, even if you are not obtaining your apparatus to really create them happen, or have left to achieve this. They simply take place automatically. This will radically alter how that you connect to your own Android apparatus, we bet!

 So let’s hop into them.

1.Screen Rotation For Apps

Autorotation isn’t anything we do not understand today. That will be to supply the simplicity of seeing while doing certain activities in your own apparatus. However, this inbuilt auto-rotation feature will not connect with all of the programs you are using. This really is the point where a tasker profile for screen auto-rotation makes entire sense. You’re able to set the same by moving through a succession of steps. 

  • Proceed into a tasker profile and then click on a tab to make a brand new profile.  
  • Moving ahead, visit the Program tab, at which you are going to be requested to decide on a program, you desire an alternative screen orientation for, so since you switch between distinct manners.  

2.Automatic Music Play When Headphones Are Plugged In

As things stand, you want to manually turn to the music whenever you’ve your headset on. Obviously, this isn’t something as big anything to really have automated action; however, there isn’t any loss in using it. Tasker might assist you to might have way with it. How? Having done this, make a new endeavor by tapping the option.  

  • Subsequently, pick Program >> Launch Program.  
  • This is really for selecting the music-player you are using in your own apparatus. That really is it.  
  • Currently, every single time you may plug into your headset, this tasker profile will probably prompt your MusicPlayer automatically.  

3.Emergency Text

This really is among the very useful tasker profiles which convey a huge significance. Because we frequently find ourselves in a tight spot once we will need to ship a text, however, our mobile’s low-battery will not let that. At this juncture, acquiring an automatic means of sending texts that are emergency is a topic of tremendous advantage. Here, we’ll be telling you how exactly the manner of triggering a tasker profile to get texts that are emergency.

  • Produce a brand new profile, which you may see, can be really a frequent standard.  
  • Subsequently, visit Mention and then Choose the Power alternatively. This will let you place the battery amount as soon as your smartphone is going to probably be intimated to ship text.  
  • Time for you to develop a new endeavor by tapping the option. From the past, only enter your contact number, type the information you want to ship, and decide on the recipient.  

4.Brightness Levels

Every single Android smartphone comes with a slider bar to increase or decrease the brightness degrees, especially during night time when such strong lights emitting away from the monitor’s display are potentially harmful to the own eyes. You’re able to cause a more tasker profile to restrain the brightness levels in your own apparatus the moment you feel it’s overly showy to not offer you a twisted spin. Have a look at the steps below to establish a brightness tasker profile.

  • Following developing a brand new profile, head to Time, and then pick the particular time whenever you would like your phone’s brightness degree to dim.  
  • Insert a new action by clicking the icon and choose Screen >> Brightness.  
  • That is the location where you are able to decide on the degree of brightness and then proceed together with your own smartphone without damaging your eyes.  

5.Application Lock

As being a general thing, most individuals download program directors from shops and specify a password for each program to maintain their data confidential, that is ok, but to download an alternate program each time a tasker profile may function exactly the exact same individual. Yes, even your tasker profile can protect your essential data by protecting your program. Know the way 

  • Produce a new profile after launch the tasker program.  
  • Currently, visit Program >> select programs you prefer to lock.  
  • Produce a new task by hitting the icon, head to Screen >> Lock button.  
  • Reaching here, simply choose a password that’ll protect your programs.  

6.Voice Messages While Driving

Driving requires proper attention. And, that is the reason why it’s not a good idea to check on messages onto your own smartphone. It’s possible to customize your tasker profile to learn the message out for you personally as soon as you can not get off your hands from the tire. The process is, in fact, straightforward.  

  • Watch below. Visit the Tasker program and make a fresh profile.  
  • Mark the right path throughout the subsequent path — Occasion >> Telephone >> Received SMS.  
  • Achieving this amount, you want to enter Program and select options such as home’ or’Car’ throughout that you desire your incoming messages in order to complete out loud.   
  • Subsequently, input SMS from percent SMSRF: percent SMSRB.”  

7.Screen On When Using Reading Apps Like Kindle

After reading, you have to usually tap the monitor to continue to keep it on. While we might not take this kind of problem, it is somewhat inconvenient without a doubt. Gladly, you may continue to keep your screen on if employing a reading program. How?  

  • Using your tasker profile along with accomplishing the actions. Launch tasker to produce a brand new profile, name, and feel another path: Screen >> Screen Timeout >> Boost the limitation into a preferred degree today.  
  • Currently, make a new task with the icon. Proceed to Programs now choose the application you are using to see.  

8.Launch Apps One After Another

This is something quite discreet. However, all of us have a blueprint in regards to looking into various programs on our telephones. Ordinarily, we begin out of emails, assess whats app, then go through the headlines feed. These routines differ in accordance with the varied preferences and jobs of these people. An investor might have a look at the market program first, or perhaps a blogger might scour sources to be aware of the most current Google upgrades. Tasker program provides us with a convenient means of tracking programs, one after the other, according to our individual blueprint of launching them. Continue reading to understand just how.

  • Create profile head to Programs and pick the very first program. Now tap the icon. Moving ahead, select Program >> Launch Program.  
  • This is the way you’ll choose the program to start in 2nd place following the very first program is shut.

9.Shake and Lock

Lock your cell phone into style; at a very simple shake. Yes, even the tasker features usefulness with this particular feature too. The measures to install this profile have been recorded below.

  • Produce a fresh profile and then stick to the trail: Occasions >> Sensor >> Shake.   
  • Click to develop a fresh undertaking. Now, choose Display after which, System Lock.  

10.Location Tracking of Car

Since a parking lot, out of every opinion, looks entirely the same, so getting to the specific spot where you parked our vehicle is easier said than done. Your memory skills even don’t function you too much better. If you’re usually left wondering why, “where’s my car?”, you may set up a tasker profile that may assist you in finding the treasured spot in no time.

  • Press and hold on the device’s home screen button for an extended period.  
  • Head into the Media segment and Choose the New button at the upper-right corner of this display.  
  • Currently, name the widget (that’ll save you your local area ) and present a one-time option.  
  • Harness on to produce a new endeavor, head to Miscellaneous >> Launch hunt for GPS >> Permit it.  
  • Moving farther, visit Software >> Switch Maps >> Proceed to Mode >> select Navigate. 

11.Disable Screen Lock When Camera is On

If you maintain your own camera on, however, do not catch the screen gets automatically locked following the screen timer works outside. You go into the passcode to put in your apparatus and start the camera. And, just in the event you maintain the camera again, but does not utilize it, the display gets obstructed. That is a small hassle.  

  • You’re able to cause a more tasker profile because of an easy remedy for the particular.  
  • By creating you, you block the screen from getting secured when the camera is available. Subsequently, Software >> Camera. Harness to produce a fresh undertaking.  
  • Last, click Display and also a place to Screen Timeout to some higher value.  

12. Delete Data Remotely

Whenever your phone is stolen or lost, you get very worried about your own personal data, that has become outside in the great outdoors. And, in case there isn’t any passcode in your own phone, it’s frightening to imagine a stranger mishandling your own personal info and inducing one to a few tomb damage. Flake out, as soon as you have downloaded Tasker, you’re able to disable all of your computer data from these devices. Desperate to understand just how?  

  • Read the following steps below. Visit tasker profile and choose the trail: Occasion >> Telephone >> Received SMS.  
  • Now tap + icon, press Document, and select Publish Directory.  

13.Wallpaper Change

There exists a tasker profile to transform wallpapers automatically, provided all your backgrounds come at precisely the exact same folder. Read how you’re able to certainly do that.

  • Produce a brand new profile. Visit option Time and enter the time scope before that you simply desire a background to stay.  
  • Tick Repeat and place it to at least one hour. Harness on >> Variable >> Factor Randomize.   
  • Name-your factor. The minimum price of adding backgrounds is just one (1 ) ) and the most value is that the range of pictures you’ve in the folder.  
  • Strike + to develop a fresh undertaking. And. Stick to the course: Screen >> Establish wallpaper >> Input the path for an image factor (usually the main one which you’ve chosen within the prior measure )

14.Guest Mode

So fundamentally, all we have a few guilty pleasures we do not hesitate into, on our telephones. Otherwise, there’s just a particular sort of content, very personal, on our mobiles that we do not desire the others to find out. Considering just how damaging it could possibly get when your private data is obtained by a third party individual, it certainly is safe to permit the guest style onto your own device. Tasker program permits you to perform so. How? Read the directions below.

  • Produce a fresh profile, check out Programs, and choose programs with your own personal info.  
  • Currently, tap + to produce a new undertaking, select Program, and Go House.  
  • Client Mode is established successfully. Smile!  

15.Activating Silent Mode When Phone is Placed Upside Down

There are instances of humiliation once you sit for a meeting with somebody as well as your mobile starts ringing. The fear that strikes right directly into muffle the ringer is something both foolish and funny. The scenario isn’t any different once you are at a class, along with also your phone’s ringer sounds nothing lacking non-invasive volatile.  

  • Thankfully, there exists a fast tasker profile that enables you to trigger the silent manner simply by setting the apparatus upside down.  
  • This is the way you’re able to certainly do it. A dropdown menu will probably open, where you are expected to choose a face-down option.  
  • Currently, tap + to produce a new undertaking, select Audio after which Silent mode. That is it!  

16.WhatsApp Voice Notifications

This really could be definitely the best tasker profile, hands-down. It simplifies every moment that a whats app telling is received, together with anyone’s name. Since everybody else has a whats app accounts, this can be actually a must-try tasker profile. You may allow it by moving through a succession of steps.

  • Produce a brand new tasker profile. Here, you want to pick whats app from the applying drawer.  
  • Click on the + icon to produce a new undertaking and adhere to the trail State >> Screen >> Switch Off.  
  • Again, make the following task by clicking, click Misc, and select’Say’.  
  • Today, you must type the whats app name –“New whats app percent TITLE”.

17.Notifying When The Battery is Full

A number of people have this horrible habit of putting cell phones accountable and coming back again to see how far it’s full. That is in fact not great, but as overcharging may damage your telephone number. Thankfully, your own tasker profile may inform you if your mobile is completely charged, so you can plug out it only at the right moment. You are able to customize it from going through those steps.

  • Produce a new profile with your tasker profile.  
  • And, scour your method throughout the given course — Event >> Power >> Battery Complete >> Establish it instantly.   
  • That is all.  

18.Battery Saving Mode

Remember those occasions as soon as your smartphone’s battery life meter turned reddish. Before hunting somewhere to hook your phone around the charger, you switched to a life-saving battery manner. Merely to prolong your device’s battery and then spare a while with your cell phone. Your tasker profile may automate this too, and even once you never see your device’s battery touching a non, the mobile may automatically get in the battery saving manner.

  • Here, you’re able to choose the degree where you would like your mobile to trigger a life-saving battery manner.  
  • It might be any such thing, such as 0-5percent or 1-25 percent. Produce a new task by hitting the option.  
  • Today, visit Net >> Turn Blue Tooth Away >> Mobile Data Away >> Wi Fi Off >> Auto Sync Off.  
  • You have triggered this activity.  

19.Sleep Timer

Most of us would be the mobile checkers throughout our bedtimes. So if smart-phones really are really far more than only a calling apparatus, we wind up hearing music, watching movies and also far more. A lot of times, we drift off without even turning the pictures and songs to the drama, that leaves our mobile dead. This really is for all those that can’t help but sleep soundly through the night with their smartphones. You are able to trigger a tasker profile to it also as well as also the How-Tos are cited below.

  • Visit a tasker profile and then click to develop a fresh undertaking. Reaching here, you want to choose the music/video program you are using on the smartphone (simply tapping on the square-grid option)
  • Head into the Tasker Timer option from the widgets section and also drag the substitute for the Home Screen.  
  • You are able to get this widget on the mobile’s display directly. The widget will be activated as soon as that you tackle any task that really needs it.  
  • It will get automatically connected. Now, choose the sleep timer and also never get to a deceased telephone number. 

20.Turning Wi-Fi On If Reaching Home

Broadly speaking in the event that you hit home, you want to pay a visit to the wi-fi tab onto your own Android apparatus to automatically empower it as you must store your valuable mobile data that is limited in usage. You might or might not be unwilling to change between your online manners. This is the reason why an automated method of doing this is obviously inviting. A tasker profile that makes it feasible for you personally.  

  • To get going, empower the GPS in your own smartphone, proceed nearby the wi fi router (the spot where the modem was installed ), and establish the tasker program.  
  • Having finished this, you want to visit the Location tab. A map will start, as well as your precise location, will be set.  
  • Hit straight back and name the positioning as House or what you want. Doing so, you’re going to be through the first settings.  
  • Currently, make a new endeavor by tapping the possibility provided alongside button, select your options from the pop-up window and then turn the wi fi.  
  • Here is the way you prepare a tasker to empower wi fi the moment you reach House.  
  • To generate the depart option, simply long tap on the very first endeavor, insert Exit task, select wi fi, and then transform off it. 

21.On flashlight with shaking the phone

There are times that you require a flashlight as speedily as you possibly can; however, it requires some time to observe the program or flashlight option inside the machine settings. However, this profile managing program has a completely free tasker profile 20 20 can help you by doing so undertaking, flashing your mobile will automatically switch without the additional work by vibration your smartphone.

  • However, all you’ve got to get into the Tesla Led FlashLight.On the next step, head to profile and decide on the event.
  • Go into the shake option from pressing on the detector option.
  • Select the next measure at your convenience.Add brand new undertaking & media”+”. 
  • Proceed tap and display system lock.


Through this post, we’ve told one of that the best tasker profiles that you ought to decide to try to reevaluate your everyday payments with your smartphone. With that automated, you don’t need to return straight back whenever you want a method to get processed. Manual rejigs in your own apparatus, to an extent, can be something of yesteryear with Tasker. We’ve recorded just 20 tasker profiles for 2018. Undoubtedly, you can find scores of these. When you’ve tried someone of them, apart from that which we’ve mentioned previously, let’s know in the comment department too. For any feedback or query, keep us posted.


Final words :

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