20 ways to gain weight and get fat | Weight Gain Tips in Hindi

Friends, today is the time to look your best and take care of your body. Often there are still many people today who, because of their thin and light weight, seem to shy away from the party or elsewhere and think that because of their thin and light weight, their company I am joking. If you also want to increase your weight and get rid of the slimness of your body, then today we are introducing this article to solve this problem for you. Today in this article we are going to introduce you to 20 easy ways to gain weight, as well as the reasons behind losing weight and the problems it causes.

underweight or underweight?

According to the modern medical system, the BMI is the correct measure for weight gain or underweight. (Body mass index) And in this method, weight is measured after translating age and height, and based on it, people are told the result of underweight or overweight. Now let’s further know who can be called underweight or underweight according to the BMI and in this way we have given the default point below.

  • less than 18.5 – underweight (under body weight)
  • 8.5 to 25 – normal weight (normal body weight)
  • 25 to 29.9 – overweight (over body weight)
  • Be over 30 – Very excessive anthem (overweight body weight)

Using these standard parameters, we can calculate the correct weight ratio and keep in mind that you should consider your body weight as well as your age and height.

Cause of weight loss?

There isn’t a single reason to lose weight, but there are many reasons to lose weight, and some of them are listed this way below.

  • due to inheritance
  • from excessive physical exertion
  • from time to time due to loss of appetite
  • because of lack of sleep
  • because of depression
  • Due to the imbalance of hormones in the body
  • from excessive fasting or fasting
  • due to excessive disease in the body
  • due to too little blood in the body
  • Because of the very low metabolism in the body

Problems losing weight?

Weight loss can cause many problems and even people lose their lives due to their main problem because the body becomes weaker than normal and a person cannot do work. Now let’s move on in this article and know what problems can be caused by weight loss and what is the main problem.

  • Weight loss causes excessive physical harm, and many diseases gradually begin to take hold.
  • The weight loss gradually irritates you and makes you angry about little things.
  • Because of the excessive weight loss, the person is reluctant to walk in the midst of people.
  • Due to the lack of weight, the person’s clothes do not fit properly and they cannot even wear their favorite clothes.
  • Excessive weight loss causes self-confidence to decrease and a person doesn’t like to show their face to anyone.
  • Obesity also has a strong impact on personality.
  • Because of the weight loss, most people have negative thoughts and gradually become mentally weak.
  • Excessive weight loss makes a person a victim of malnutrition.
  • A person suffering from malnutrition can even die.
  • Weight loss leads to a significant decrease in immunity.
  • Excessive weight loss also causes fertility problems in humans.
  • Many menstrual problems for women also start from excessive weight loss.

increase 20th easy way?

If you are very worried about your slimness, then friends, you need to set a goal from today and follow the simple tips that we tell and then you will see your weight gain gradually. Now let’s know what are the easiest ways to gain weight. These are as follows.

  1. Take full and deep sleep: –

Schedule the right time to sleep and get deep and complete sleep on a regular basis, this will help your weight gain.

  1. do sports regularly :-

Regular exercise keeps the body healthy and health will make you feel hungry in time and your lower weight will increase.

  1. Create the right diet table:

Prepare a diet table of what to eat at the right time and in what quantities each day, and eat regularly for dinner, breakfast and lunch accordingly.

  1. Do a daily physical massage: –

Give body massage an important place in your daily routine so that the blood in our body circulates properly and the body muscles receive proper nutrition. The problem of being overweight can be treated.

  1. Drink plenty of water every day: –

The increased water intake keeps our digestive system in order and the food is digested properly and easily. Drinking excessive water every day can eliminate the extremely low weight problem.

  1. Be stress free:

We can get many diseases from stress or depression and the body does not always react properly. Because of this, the problem of weight loss can be avoided by staying stress free.

  1. Establish good habits in your daily life:

We should choose high quality foods in our daily diet while giving top priority to nutritious and very nutritious foods.

  1. Avoid:-

Often people begin to consume such things that are not beneficial to their health and completely harm their health. Therefore, do not consume the things that are not right for health and avoid them completely, even though the weight loss can be eliminated afterwards.

  1. Don’t Consume Excessive Junk Food and Fast Food: –

In this day and age, people like to eat all kinds of junk food and fast food, these things seem to be the most delicious but cause the most damage to selfishness and the biggest reason for losing weight, these things can be made for you. If you want to gain weight then avoid consuming excessive junk food and fast food entirely.

  1. Do not use the medicines on the market for weight gain:

Often times, people start consuming drugs sold in the market to gain weight, and it is this that causes most of the side effects for their health. If we really want to gain our weight, then Ayurvedic or home remedies should be used.

  1. Consume milk regularly:

A glass of milk must be drunk with normal meals in the evening or in the morning, and weight gain can be observed.

  1. Use of green vegetables in food: –

If you are not eating non-vegetables, then be sure to eat green vegetables regularly to gain weight and prevent your obesity from decreasing.

  1. Eat complete nutrition: –

In order to gain weight, all of the food should be eaten in small amounts about 5 to 6 times from time to time, thus avoiding weight loss and increasing weight.

  1. Eat fruits: –

In order to gain weight, we should consume fruits regularly because there are many nutrients in the fruits, and when consumed, our body receives all kinds of essential nutrients and body weight increases.

  1. Consume dried fruits: –

In order to gain body weight, you should consume almonds, raisins, figs, cashews, pistachios and peanuts, etc.

  1. Consume honey: –

In order to gain body weight, honey should be consumed regularly, and in this way you will gradually notice weight gain.

  1. Don’t consume vegetables: –

In order to increase the weight loss, you should eat non-vegetarian food once or twice a week and this way you can increase the weight very easily.

  1. Eat potatoes:

Be sure to include potatoes in your normal eating plan, as the amount of carbohydrates and complex sugars is in them. This can lead to weight gain. You can consume potatoes to gain weight, and you can consume them any way, but remember that you are not eating too much fried potatoes.

  1. Consume ghee: –

With regular consumption, the weight can be increased, because from the inside out saturated fats It is found, and many calories are also found. You can consume ghee by adding it to food regularly, or it can be consumed by adding sugar as well.

  1. Consume banana: –

Banana consumption is considered to be the most effective for weight gain. It is high in calories and not only provides the body with energy but also helps us gain weight.

  1. Consume pomegranate: –

Regular consumption of pomegranate juice can quickly increase the reduced weight.

  1. Consume grams and dates: –

To get rid of slimness, eating dates along with grams leads to rapid weight gain.

Conclusion: –

In today’s article, we have told you all 20 easy weight gain ways to get rid of the weight loss problem and we hope that today’s article will prove to be very effective for you to gain weight. If you liked this article, then you need to share it on maximum social media channels and with your friends.